Acquia Cloud Log Streaming Chrome Extension

Acquia just launched "Acquia Cloud Log Streaming Chrome Extension" that allows developers to see the logs they are generating in real time as they click around their websites. This is a big time saver. I just had the pleasure of installing and using it to run a quick test. It worked just as described.




Behat test results from a Drupal project

At my current project, we have been experimenting with Behat. We are currently using behat to test key user stories before and after every code push in pantheon. I will be posting more information later on the entire process and how we got it to work well for us. In the mean time, I have attached a screen shot from a sample test to give you an idea of what it may look like for you and clients when you do it right. We have basically turned client user stories into functional test plans that produces results that are clean and easy to understand by the client.

My Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder Story

I want to share my experience in taking the Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder Exam. Few friends and colleagues have asked me to provide them with a list of materials I used to study. The truth is, I did not study using any specific material for the exam. I simply registered and wanted to use whatever knowledge of Drupal I have accumulated to take the test and see what it will look like. I passed scoring more 80% which is fine for me. If you study, you may score 100%. This is my recommendation;

Drupal VM - Easy Local Drupal Development Environments

Drupal VM - Easy Local Drupal Development Environments was featured part of this week's weekly drop. It may a be a great tool for exploring Drupal locally.

The project aims to make spinning up a simple local Drupal test/development environment incredibly quick and easy, and to introduce new developers to the wonderful world of Drupal development on local virtual machines (instead of crufty old MAMP/WAMP-based development).

MemCached, Mailhog, phpmyadmin, Apache solr, xdebug and xhprof are preinstalled.