Tech trends 2019: 'The end of truth as we know it

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Want to learn more about 2019 Tech Trends? Check out "Tech trends 2019: 'The end of truth as we know it?'' a synthesis of the main themes occupying the minds of the technorati this year from the BBC where more than 200 firms contributed to their request for ideas on what the global tech trends will be in 2019. Words and phrases such as AI, IOT, machine learning, cyber security, data, privacy, Fake news, deepfakes, healthier lives, taking back control. Here are some example quotes;

"Without transparency, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no data. Without data, there is no AI,".

"While data - how it is produced, stored, analysed and applied - is the key theme for 2019, developing technologies, such as voice control, superfast 5G mobile and connected cars, will gather pace through the year. But these will only emphasise further how vulnerable our data is and how much harder we need to work to protect, own and value it."

"Data in the wrong hands, used in the wrong way, could even threaten world peace, some commentators warn"

"In 2019 smart sensors will start to be found everywhere, automating data collection to satisfy the voracious appetite of AI,"

"Deepfakes" - manipulated digital videos that overlay another person's face onto a body or change what people actually said - pose a growing threat"

"2019 will be the year that a malicious 'deepfake' video sparks a geopolitical incident," she predicts.

"If we cannot trust what we see or hear any more, is this "the end of truth as we know it?"

"Ultimately, manipulating the public discourse might prove to be a greater cyber-risk than the hacking of our devices,"

"Controlling data may soon become more important than stealing it."

"2019 will see the first AI-orchestrated attack take down a FTSE 100 company," 

"A new breed of AI-powered malware will infect an organisation's systems, sit undetected gathering information, adapt to its surroundings, and unleash a series of bespoke attacks targeted to take down a company from the inside out."

"AI on AI cyber-battles will begin. Cybersecurity will be a machine versus machine fight with humans alongside to help and adjudicate."

"We'll see the first example of a scaled-up mass IoT attack affecting critical infrastructure,"

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