Message from Bill Gates to every college grad

Submitted by tlamin on Fri, 05/19/2017 - 18:44

Bill Gates has a message for every college grad who wants to change the world and I agree with him based on current trends.

These are the most important lessons from the message if you don't have time to read it all.

"If I were starting out today and looking for the same kind of opportunity to make a big impact in the world, I would consider three fields.

One is artificial intelligence. We have only begun to tap into all the ways it will make people’s lives more productive and creative. 

The second is energy, because making it clean, affordable and reliable will be essential for fighting poverty and climate change. 

The third is biosciences, which are ripe with opportunities to help people live longer, healthier lives.

intelligence is not quite as important as I thought it was, and it takes many different forms. 

Another thing I wish I had understood much earlier is what true inequity looks like. I did not see it up close until my late 30s, when Melinda and I took our first trip to Africa. We were shocked by what we saw. When we came back, we began learning more. It blew our minds that millions of children there were dying from diseases that no one in rich countries even worried about. We thought it was the most unjust thing in the world. We realized we couldn’t wait to get involved — we had to start giving back right away.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you and push you to be your best self. Melinda does that for me, and I am a better person for it. Like our good friend Warren Buffett, I measure my happiness by whether people close to me are happy and love me, and by the difference I make in other people's lives."