Headless Drupal using Drupal 7 services, ionic, angular & cordova

Submitted by tlamin on Tue, 02/16/2016 - 21:35

While browsing sessions of the 2015 Baltimore Drupal Camp, I found one very insteresting and wanted to share it here. "Headless Drupal: Building a lean web or native application with drupal, services, ionic, angular & cordova"

Here is the seesion description

"Combine the back-end power and flexibility of drupal to build a lean web app, or cordova powered native app that serves information fast and lean via JSON and angular.js. While the technologies best suited for these apps is usually quite a bit different from our trusty .tpl.php, drupal does have a remarkably awesome niche here, the back end. By harnessing drupal as the admin interface, we can speed up the backend administration of these apps by using custom content types, REST Server, and Services to provide a JSON endpoint of almost anything we want for consumption by the app. By focusing on the specifics needed for a D7 build, you can easily adapt this approach to either a new, or existing build. And with D8 becoming a first class REST citizen, the future is looking even brighter for this approach."

The Demo Mobile App is located at http://headless.eyebytesolutions.com/#/app/home and the example source code powering the app is located at https://github.com/drogers98/EBSheadlessDrupal and http://dev-headlessdrupal.pantheon.io/setup

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