A view of Mount Fuji, Japan

Today January 10th, 2019 was one of those 80-130 days when many of Tokyo's visitors and residents were able to see the interesting views of Mount Fuji in contrast with the urban skyline of Tokyo. I was one of those lucky visitors. I saw the mountain top from an office window 100 kilometers away.

Japan’s Mt. Fuji is an active volcano about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. Commonly called “Fuji-san,” it’s the country’s tallest peak, at 3,776 meters. A pilgrimage site for centuries, it’s considered one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains, and summit hikes remain a popular activity

Tech trends 2019: 'The end of truth as we know it

Want to learn more about 2019 Tech Trends? Check out "Tech trends 2019: 'The end of truth as we know it?'' a synthesis of the main themes occupying the minds of the technorati this year from the BBC where more than 200 firms contributed to their request for ideas on what the global tech trends will be in 2019. Words and phrases such as AI, IOT, machine learning, cyber security, data, privacy, Fake news, deepfakes, healthier lives, taking back control. Here are some example quotes;

Half of young people do not feel prepared for world of work – CBI/Accenture/Hays survey

Almost half (49%) of young people (aged 17-23) believe that their education has not prepared them for the world of work, according to a new CBI survey, alongside Accenture and Hays. "We need to equip young people for tomorrow’s workplace as well as today’s" Our own Peter lacy spoke earlier from hashtag#CBI2018 demonstrating the importance of harnessing youth enthusiasm and energy to drive the future workforce.

More here: http://www.cbi.org.uk/news/half-of-young-people-do-not-feel-prepared-for-world-of-work-cbi-accenture-hays-survey/


Setting the record straight about Agora’s Blockchain Elections Misleading headlines on the internet

A group of Sierra Leoneans who are passionate about open elections data and open data are deeply concerned about the misleading headlines being propagated on the internet by “Agora, a Swiss Lab & Foundation for digital democracy.”

The Sierra Leone National Electoral Commission (NEC) did not officially use Agora’s blockchain technology to vote or tally votes during the March 7th, 2018 general elections held in Sierra Leone.

Acquia Cloud Log Streaming Chrome Extension

Acquia just launched "Acquia Cloud Log Streaming Chrome Extension" that allows developers to see the logs they are generating in real time as they click around their websites. This is a big time saver. I just had the pleasure of installing and using it to run a quick test. It worked just as described.